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The monitored control system centralises all the parameterization of the values from the pool, and tells us in real time about the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. The system can be accessed through any internet connection and it allows us to consult the recirculation values and quality of the water in real time together with graphs, alarms and efficiency.

The facility manager has acces via the internet to the system which details the important parameters of water quality to know the status of the pool at all times. It is also possible to check the historical records and graphs.

Apart from the direct connection, the person of responsible for maitenance has web access to consult the status and manage the alarms.

Control Programme

The design of the web application is integrated into the microSD card on the screen itself. At the same time, it works as a web server and can be connected through the LAN connection simply by opening the internet browser and entering the IP address of the web server.

Option of a WI-FI connection in the pool control panel to monitor and control the aplicattion from a decive with WI-FI. The licence included allows access to the web server of up to 20 user, 20 pages and 50 seconds.

The filters are made of steel (recyclable) and are coated internally with a layer of alimentary qualification epoxy resin with a thickness of 200 microns and have a 10-year guarantee-

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