Efficpool is a system that fits perfectly in the current context of industry 4.0, the industrial revolution, as well as the internet of things.

It is an intelligent system, which monitors all the measurable parameters of water treatment and purification, in order to achieve high efficiency.

The “Special Perlita” filtering element is replace whenever it is saturated, By design, the filter has an autonomy of up 4 weeks wich can very according to the bathing load and the particular specifications of the installation. During the four weeks of autonomy it is not necessary to carry out any actions on the treatment plant.

The system performs the regeneration cycles of the filter and adjusts the speed of the filtering pumps completely automatically optimising  the filtering and the filtering load until the end of its useful life. In this way there is a significant saving on electrical energy, chemical products, new make-up water and also calorific energy.

The efficpool filters have a particle retaining capacity of up to one micron and can retain 99,99% of protozoa such as cryptosporidium (5 micron) in one go. If we compare this with silex filters these have a retaining capacity of up to approximately 30 micron.